Quest For Lonegamer


With each slave turning up empty-handed, Asmodeus begins to accept the fact that maybe Lonegamer is gone for good. . . or is she?

Total failure is nnot l33+.

Maybe she's gone.

Asmo has a plan!

Looks like bait to me!

Asmo baits the guildhouse.

What's missing from this picture?

That was fast.

"I knew that would get you to come here!"

Hey, save some for Asmo!

Someone's getting angry. . .


Close enough.

What a shame! I guess some people should learn to share. Oh well, poor Lonegamer. Good thing healers spawn near Asmo's guildhouse! And Lonegamer has been found at last! One mystery remains though. . . WHY DON'T FROGS HAVE EARS??? ARGH!!!

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Why DON'T frogs have ears?