Quest For Lonegamer
Bixby's Story


Bixby, the thief who is so independent he's barely considered a slave, is the last to receive Asmo's message. He's more interested in his own funds, but he decides to check the bank anyway.

Bixby decides to check the bank.

Nobody here.  Oh well.

Bixby checks his bank supply.

"3946 gold coin"

That's not much.

Well, this bear mask will sell.

Don't look now, but. . .

Not the right thing to say.

Ouch. Can you say *whack*? It would seem not even the short-attention-spanned Bixby had any luck, and he couldn't find Lonegamer either! What has become of her? How can we find her? Again, why don't frogs have ears? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN???

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