A Trace of Recovery

Smo'dis awoke tired. He'd been feeling very tired the past couple of days. Even if he were sane, he probably wouldn't think much of the dream in which a somewhat ugly humie would be constantly scribbling. And if he did think of it, it probably wouldn't mean a thing to him, as well it shouldn't.

Smo'dis had frequent recurring dreams which had nothing to do with him, but which left him feeling constantly exhausted. In one, he constantly heard the call of a fe-humie, which he found so irresistable that he couldn't stay awake. This dream had a similar effect.

He frowned. A headless was patrolling outside. He gently shook his beloved ostard Grobba awake, and the pair went outside to deal with the intruder. "Vas Flam" and the headless was scorched with a fireball. "In Por Ylem" and a magic lig finished it off.

Mojo words were all Smo could say. Though not quite as insane as the initial moments in which he was completely animalistic, Smo still couldn't think well enough to have thoughts to voice, and if he could, he probably wouldn't know how to voice them. In a sense, Smo was a newborn - not only physically, as a result of the spell which had reverted his body back into orcish form, but mentally as well, as a result of his former allergy. He had learned to say "weedz" but that was more of an action/reaction effect than any actual connection with the word. He had seen other robed orcs ask for "weedz" and they were given weeds, which he loved, though he had no way to say what they were before. When he realized that saying "weedz" would get the robed ones some weeds from the other ones, he picked up on it, much like a dog could be taught to sit.

Smo'dis found an apple on the headless corpse. He stared at it, then tossed it in his backpack, figuring it would be something Grobba would like. He was feeling very tired again.

He took one look towards the fort before going to sleep. And when he did, he pointed towards it, leaned his head near his companion, and whispered, in the tone of a parent teaching a child: