Quest For Lonegamer
Temmen's Story


Temmen receives Asmo's message next. Using the "Believed Admiration of Heroes" philosophy, or the "BAH" philosophy, he thinks of a likely area where Lonegamer could be.

"Lonegamer is a big Crazy Joe fan."

Nobody's home.

Guest appearance by the one and only Crazy Joe!

"Have you seen her?"

A lead, or a diversion?

A diversion.

A pantless Temmen is a confused Temmen, and a cold Temmen.

I'm not only the president; I'm also a client!

CJ offers to sell Temmen's pants back to him.

Trammel - the land of insanely high prices.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Temmen buys back his pants.

"Thanks for thy Purchase!"

For something that he wears, Temmen seemed to have a tough time keeping his pants on! . . . Hey! I didn't mean it that way, you sicko! Well, the Despise lead turned up empty, and Temmen had nothing to report either.

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