The Neverending Dream

Smo'dis turned over in his sleep. He was thinner than before, that much was noticeable. So the gruntees knew something was wrong. However, none of them dared to try and wake a grunt.

Meanwhile, Smo'dis was floating in the clouds. He saw an image. It was a beautiful image, though he couldn't make it out clearly. Surrounded by light, it made him warm and fuzzy. The air smelled pleasant, and he could hear a faint hum which relaxed him. He strained to make out what it was. . . and he saw a veiled figure, clearly female. But something was different. . . she was not of this world. She wasn't really an orc, but she wasn't like any humie Smo had ever seen before.

His first instinct was to try and lick the mysterious fe-humie. However, before he could, something inside told him not to do it. He listened, surprisingly, and instead looked at the mysterious fe-humie and said, "Ug."

The fe-humie smiled a big, radiant smile which caused Smo'dis to forget about everything else. He didn't even think of the fact that she was closer to humie than orc. None of it mattered, because she was there, and she was with him.

"Ib dis am dweem," Smo'dis mumbled, "me nebur wan ged ub."

One of the runtees jumped back as Smo twitched, then rolled over in his sleep.