Bixby Meets a Counterfeiter!

One fine evening, everybody's friend Bixby was bored. So he decided to see if he could cause some antics in town. Upon arriving at the Britain healers, he met a new friend named Agito MachaShima. he escorted his friend a ways back to the bank, but somehow his hands couldn't control themselves. He panicked after stealing Agito's 105 Discordance scroll, and fled the scene.

Returning two minutes later, he met his new friend again. Agito asked him if he had taken his scroll, as poor Agito's "game is bugged." Bixby may be friendly, but he's got a poor memory, and needed to be reminded that he stole a 105 Discordance scroll from this poor gentleman. He apologized, and figured that was enough!

Bixby did feel bad, and sold back his scroll for a mere 15k, only half of what the gentleman claimed the thing was worth. Bixby didn't really understand discordance anyway, so he didn't mind. But apparently, this gentleman had another check at his house!

Bixby didn't know 15k checks that people make on the spot were so important for buying vanqs, nor why the check he gave me was worth more than the one at his house. So naturally, he assumed that Agito intended to give him more payment than he deserved!

Nonetheless, he didn't want to overcharge the traumatized man. Obviously, he was in shock and had not realized that his scroll was safe with him.

WELL!! It appears Bixby is doing the world a service by removing this false currency from the market! And to think that Agito was going to scam somebody out of a vanq with this counterfeit money. Shame on you, sir!

Bixby was unaware that fake money was worth 2/3 of the price of real money. He decided to keep this in mind in future dealings with fool's gold. However, he wasn't entirely certain that Agito was telling the truth. Bixby is friendly, not dumb!

Bixby then realized another frightening discovery. Perhaps this gentleman's power scroll was forged as well! It would not do to have such items passing through the hands of honest folk.

It seems that Agito had placed his power scroll in the bank. Hopefully the bankers can validate the authenticity of this article, as it is out of our kleptomaniacal hero's hands.

Bixby takes pride on his ability to entertain others, so imagine his glee when his victim told him what a wonderful job he was doing!

He didn't quite realize what the joke was, until Agito told him that he had a vanquishing axe in his backpack! When Bixby snooped, sure enough, there was a hatchet.

Bixby's first instinct was to assume that Agito had lied to him, but he vaguely remembered passing up a large battle axe. It looked so heavy, and the scroll so light! Still, his choice had apparently made him the laughingstock of Britain. Poor Bixby, one can understand his feelings at being no more than a jester.

It seems that fake money is awfully well-valued in the Britannian market. Bixby had no idea!

Bixby had heard of this "America" place. They valued capitalism! Bixby had sold Agito his power scroll back, therefore, Bixby had American spirit! He promptly told them so, and they replied, "Yeah, but you stole it." Bixby remarked, "Well, if you want to get technical!"

(I could have sworn I had screenshots of that, but I guess not. Sorry!)

Again, the gentleman offered 10k in exchange for the counterfeit currency.

It turned out that Agito's lesser hatchet was to be sold for a high price as well! It was durable, and accurate, and had three charges of daemon's breath! Bixby didn't think that was much.

Well, Bixby certainly couldn't argue about that. Those people at Stratics sure do a fine job. They know what they're talking about!

Agito's friend Thanos accused our hero of "ruining the game" and said that his methods were unfair!

But Bixby worked hard to become a good thief!

This time, our friend Agito has gone too far. Bixby could handle the name-calling, but how dare this ruffian, this COUNTERFEITER, insult his fashion sense?? Luckily, he came to his senses just before entering a brawl with a tamer and his pet mare.

Agito returned to the topic of Bixby's grandmaster thievery. If you look closely at Bixby's journal, you will notice him saying, "You got no title."

Bixby informed him that thieves preferred anonymity to flashy titles, but that was not enough for poor Agito. He wanted hard proof!

Bixby felt bad about the power scroll, but reluctantly agreed.

After all, the axe was valuable! Agito said so!

The gentleman appeared bewildered that he hadn't even noticed the theft of his prized hatchet.

If you will note, there are two backpacks in Bixby's line of vision in the next picture. Bixby loves green, but he does not own a green sash.

Agito asked for his hatchet back, as well. Bixby was a bit unclear on the rules for stealing the good man's hatchet.

The guards? Why would they order him to return the goods? Agito told him to steal it!

The good man's generosity won out in the end, and he did not ask for his hatchet back.

He also let Bixby keep the fake money!

All in all, Bixby thought Agito was a pleasant man, but his habit of counterfeiting money did not go over so well. Beware, citizens, for this man may attempt to scam you out of your hard-earned possessions!!