Where Have All the Chan Ops Gone?

If I had to describe how I felt right now, I'd have to say it's a mixture of anger and sadness.

It's been over eight months since I first opened #SnR. The room has seen some massive changes over that time, from the days of myself and Lonegamer running a barely active channel, to KnightDupre's second-in-command days and the DBZ chats between Bunko and Zeon, to now, with Chux and Lim as level 20s and the room jumping with ops and trivia contests. I've made some pretty important decisions regarding the room over that time, but I've never had to do anything as drastic as what I'm doing today.

I guess I first realized something was wrong when I would repeatedly come into a channel full of ops. Channels should not be full of ops (and in fact, the only channel I've seen run that way is the staff one, and nobody dares to misbehave there). I looked over the list to demote some people, but I couldn't do it. I told myself it was because everyone there deserved ops, but I knew better. I was too concerned about upsetting people by taking ops from them. And it looks like that's what's been happening.

One of my biggest mistakes in running #SnR at first was giving auto-ops to any Stratics staffer that came in. What ended up happening was that we ended up with 90% of the room being staffers that felt they deserved the @ next to their name and took it for granted. I admit that I never should have instituted that policy, and that I screwed up. I decided I needed to make amends.

I wasn't going to delete ops just because we had so many. Heck, if everyone in the room was good at it, I'd keep the whole room with op powers. I don't really care if people have power or not. And not just because I'm the channel admin, either. Heck, I'd give the channel over if I thought someone else would do a better job. That's usually why I promote people to level 20. The only thing is, I have a tendency not to trust people, and I think that in this case, that's for the best.

Another thing that's been pissing me off is the emergence of op wars. I mean, I don't mind the occasional fun-kick or so - in fact, I probably kick more people for fun than everyone else in the channel combined. But it's gotten out of hand. Scripts that return five kicks in a row are not only annoying to the person being kicked, but they flood the channel, which is another of my pet peeves. People don't come to #SnR to watch a few of you spamming the channel by kicking each other, they'd generally like to be able to chat too.

But what REALLY upsets me is the abuse of power ops have been doing. Being an op does NOT give you permission to spam, or post porn, or break any other channel rules. Just because one has an op shield and can bypass any ban placed on them does not mean that the rules no longer apply. I have been seeing WAY too much of this lately, and it has to stop.

Which brings me to the change you've all noticed.

I have wiped the channel op/voice list for #SnR. Speranza and Ferahga will be the ONLY other channel operators besides myself at this point in time. Ferahga, the new Level 20 access, has requested that Lim and Jubilate be given perma-voice, and I will oblige her request. Do NOT ask me for ops back - if I think you deserve them, I will give them to you when I feel you're ready. If you repeatedly ask for ops, at BEST, you will get a -1, which means you will not even be able to receive TEMPORARY ops. I'm sick of people who feel that I owe them ops for being there. I don't owe any of you anything. I have done everything I could to make #SnR a fun place for all of you to go to, and if this is the thanks I get. . . If you really enjoy the channel for any reason other than your l33t p0w4z, you will be more than welcome to participate as a chatter. If not, then screw you and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I'm not trying to be a dictator here, and I should hope you all know that. I have wanted NOTHING for #SnR but to be a place where people could relax, chat, and enjoy themselves, and rant occasionally, of course. I found that we all liked to play trivia, and I volunteered to run a trivia bot, removing myself from the game so that I could fix the crappy script. Do ANY of you think I actually ENJOY sitting here, spending HOURS of time changing, updating, and fixing these freaking questions? OF COURSE NOT! I'd MUCH rather be playing with broken questions than fixing them so that all of you can have a better game. But I do it for you, people.

The reason I'm changing #SnR in this manner is the same reason I couldn't delete ops before. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I'm removing EVERYONE'S access. This way, nobody feels singled out from this. I think we all can agree that Ferahga has been doing an excellent job of moderating the channel, and Speranza has also shown to be a good addition - in addition to being staff, Speranza is almost always in the channel, for round-the-clock coverage. I feel that these two would be the best choices for rebuilding the #SnR op staff from the ground up, and making this channel fun again.

And now, it's up to you. Will you stay or will you go? Whichever decision you choose, I'm not going to stop you. After all, it's what you want to do we're talking about now.