Leroy the Hapless Griefer
Meet Leroy.

Leroy likes dirt.
Leroy in the dirt.

Leroy first met Bixby when Bixby's horse went wild. Leroy thought it would be l33+ to poison Bixby's horse so he couldn't retame it. Bixby retamed the horse a fraction of a second before Leroy could poison it, and the guards had something to say about that. Leroy returned a little confused, and Bixby gave him a bit of info.
Griefing Gone Wrong - is that a new prime-time Fox show?

The next thing Bixby knew, Leroy was asking for his hat and dye tub back! Well, at least he wanted to use the tub, anyway.
Leroy wants to use the dye tub.

Some people just don't understand the Golden Rule very well.
"You just tried to kill my horse, you know"

Leroy tries to justify why Bixby should be HAPPY that he tried to poison his horse. (The guy saying "zzzzzzwhat" actually HAD the loot. He is a better looter than me, I admit.)
Is this any reason?

Some people just aren't too bright.

Leroy, master of the unusual-looking emoticon.
What IS that thing???

Bixby confesses that in fact, he did enjoy the spectacle.
"well, it was funny"

Too bad Leroy ran off before Bixby could inform him that he was NOT getting his dye tub back. But he wasn't gone for good! No, Leroy returned as Bixby was preparing to log off and tried to take one of his possessions as a souvenir! This didn't work too well for Leroy either.
Leroy, dirt.  Dirt, Leroy.

Say cheese!
Dirt-napping, take two!

Ah, the joys of Brit bank. Brit bank - where griefers can be as funny as they are twinkish.